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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – All You Need To Know

You must have heard or read before that Mobile Legends is a lesser form of League of Legends. You only need to play the game once to realize how far from the truth that claim is. In all fairness, Mobile Legends is in a class of its own. It is captivating and engaging more than most or even nearly all games that compete with it for a gamer’s attention. This is not about comparing the games with other games though. It is all about what the game is and what makes it special. Mobile Legends Bang Bang or MOBA as gamers sometimes call it features one of the most captivating online battle arenas you will ever come across. This is in fact, why the game was an instant hit shortly after it was released in November 2016.
Created by Moontoon, MOBA is now enjoyed worldwide with almost a million gamers taking on each other daily. The best thing about the game though is the fact that you can download at no cost at all for both iOS and Android.

How it is played

First off, the game is action packed. That means you must be quick with moves. Simply put, it is a rare action strategy game with a player controlling a single character. You get to choose your desired character in one of the two main teams available. You must destroy the main structures of the opposing team or they will destroy you. You must also kill all the enemy heroes. This may not be very easy as you must also defend your territory and base. The latter part is somewhat fun as you get assistance of spontaneous automatic controlled units fighting forward by your side along different paths. You therefore get to learn some moves as this happens.

Gaming Modes

The game features five different gaming modes. There is the ranked match, which is extremely popular, there is also the brawl mode, the match up mode and human vs al mode. The fifth mode, which is the custom mode is only available at level 7. Human vs Al mode and the Match Up mode are available immediately after the tutorial. You will have an easy time proceeding from one level to another in the initial stages of the game. Things change and the challenge becomes steep and more fun as you progress. Each level features some mystery and level of hardship to test your endurance, quick thinking and wit.

Skins and Graphics

You will fall in love with the different skins available. You can for instance, buy hero skins from the shop using your diamonds. Be keen not to exhaust your diamonds within a short time though. Note that skins will give you extra buffs and stats.

It is hard to describe the graphics as perfect. But then again, it is hard to describe them as nothing short of impressive. You will simply fall in love with the graphics. One look at the graphics and you will have an easy time understanding why the game was an instant sensation.

Anyone who loves to play MOBA will tell you for free that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most captivating games today. The concept is simple but the game is extremely challenging. It gets better with the fact that you can compete with so many other people online.

Personal stats

This is where you sort of declare who you are. You won’t be able to play without this so it is important. All you need to do is to fill your basic information. There is a brief profile detail section, previous match results, your most used heroes and of course, a detailed overall information section about all your past matches. This may seem unnecessary but remember without this section, you won’t be able to track your records or even watch your performance.

Social media sync

Think of this is a way to keep you connected with other games. There is a detailed section where you can choose to sync your Google and Facebook accounts in the game. The bigger picture here is how you can see all the other people playing the game without having to send them friend requests. You can of course, choose to send them requests if you wish.

Last Words

You will love the game play and other perks like game control. Sound settings are also perfect, so the game is in fall fairness an all-round game. The fact that it has received so many 5 star ratings online is a sure sign that it is a special game. There are of course downsides like it is the case with all games today. In this case however, it is not too hard to see that the downsides are negligible. They do not stand between you and your game. With Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Moontoon scored a clean A.